Our Patron

Archangel Saint Raphael

According to the faith of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Zoroastrianism Angel is a benevolent celestial being the intermediates between heaven and earth. An Archangel is a Chief Spirit Servant of God who ministers God in his work.

Raphael means "God heals" or "He who heals". He is both a saint and an Archangel. He loves Children and their innocence; enkindles in them joy and Laughter and guards them safe especially on travel. He reaches out in greater compassion and comforts people who need physical, mental, emotional or spiritual strength and is restless until they are brought closer to God. He is always enthusiastic in making his presence felt, by urging the human persons to enjoy the beauty of nature, to nurture, to use them rightly and convinces them to take good care of earth's environment. He is generous in guiding people to heal rifts in the relationships.

So dear friends may we be guarded and guided by St. Raphael to restore the relationships with self, with all our brothers and sisters, with animal and plant world and with god (our father and mother), thus to enjoy and live the Peace that God Gifts to us.

Saint Raphael our patron, Guide and protect us

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