Principal’s Message

The world our kids are going to live in is changing four times faster than our schools, says Dr. Willard Daggett- Director of international center for education, Colorado. Over the past thirty years there has been remarkable changes in how people live and work. Employers now look for employees who have not only mastered core subjects but who are flexible, deal with changes maturely and can learn new skills quickly. The world is now a smaller place, than it was fifty years ago. Our students will need to be “globally competent“ to understand other cultures and be comfortable with cultural complexities. They will need to learn how to synthesize the information in ways we cannot yet imagine.During this era of economic and social change more is being asked from education system. For this the curriculum is not the only part of the system ripe for change. Looking at the world around I think that our students should contribute a great deal in overcoming inequalities. They should work for peace through the enculturation of common values. Accordingly they deserve a relevant, modern, customized tech-saturated education that would help them to acquire 21st century skills. Creating and providing a conducive teaching and learning environment should also be a prime concern of the educators. The Central Board of Secondary Education has initiated many steps to create new and innovative system that help the students to achieve their potential.As part of our ongoing effort to raise awareness of the value of high quality education, every class room has been equipped with e-learning facilities. I recognize and appreciate the significance of strong home-school partnership which we need to reinforce further.

Sr. Preethi Thomas SSpS


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